Our Food

Our Menus

If you’re unsure where to start, we highly recommend trying our selection of sociable sharing plates. These dishes are perfect for sharing and experiencing a variety of flavours in one sitting.

For those seeking a heartier meal, our signature hand-stretched pizzas are simply unbeatable. Made with extra virgin olive oil and our homemade tomato sugo, each bite is a burst of flavour that will leave you wanting another slice.

If you’re looking to kickstart your day in the most wonderful way possible, you absolutely must try our our Brunch offer. Trust us, it’s a brunch experience like no other. And of course, we always keep the Solero’s flowing freely.

*Please note that the Market Menu must be booked in advance

Our Bakery

We are delighted to support our friends at ‘Company Bakery’ – an award winning traditional bakery based in Edinburgh. 

Company Bakery source all their grain from ‘Scotland The Bread’ –  a collaborative venture to grow better grain for nourishment, sustainability and food sovereignty.

Our Company Bakery goods are made fresh every morning, using organic butter & flour. They combine malt extract & brown sugar to give depth of flavour & appetising golden colour.

Ask for one of our Company Bakery goods when you next visit, paired perfectly with a rich espresso or creamy latte. 

Light, flaky, & delicately sweet

Pain au Chocolat
Buttery, airy & filled with cocoa butter

Morning Bun
Malted croissant dough rolled in vanilla sugar